If you asked me 10 years ago if I ever thought I’d be practicing Yoga, let alone sharing the practice with others as an Instructor, the answer would have been no. I giggle as realize I had never even heard of Yoga growing up so now when asked, ”How did I end up teaching Yoga?” it’s not a short answer. There are several life experiences along the way that stand out which helped me profoundly discover my own Yoga practice and gave me no choice but to delightfully pay it forward.

After teaching my dolls a lot of choreography as a child, requesting to teach my own students as a pre-teen, being the HS dance team captain, moving on to coach and instruct through college and now for the past 12 years, class rooms of tiny dancers have blessed me with their cuteness one day a week, it’s fair to say my theme of loving to teach has been a big part of my life. I remember my High School Athletic Director asking me to come back and be a motivational speaker for the graduating class just after me. Being well into gaining my “freshman 15” and getting partying down to a “T,” I wondered “Why Me?” He reminded me that I went to a college where I didn’t know anyone and got accepted based on my dancing, not the ACT score (let me tell ya it was low!) I was given a scholarship with MSU’s Sugar Bear Dance Team and he thought I could encourage other students to get involved, be brave and inspire them to go for what they want during that pivotal time even if odds were against them. That opportunity inspired me; it was something I really enjoyed and felt honored to do.

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Did you miss Andrea’s guest appearance as Olivia on “The Odd Couple”? Just want to see it again? Catch it this Thursday, June 18th, on CBS at 8:30 est.

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My thoughts and prayers are with all those who’ve been effected by the Earthquake in Nepal. I ask for your continued prayers and or just positive thoughts.

Here is a link for the exceptional man, I care deeply about and his team I am helping raise funds for a quickly as possible, as time is of extreme importance. Don Bowie and his team have been on an expedition to summit Annapurna in Nepal when this devastation hit. Thankfully Don and his team were all secure at their base camp as the 7.9 quake took place and are all ok. The team has quickly decided to abandon their plans to join forces to put their efforts & qualifications where they are needed most. If you’d like to donate and read their story and what their immediate needs are please click the link below.


I appreciate you… spreading the word, donating if it makes sense, and having HAPPY VIBES & LOVING PRAYERS for these incredible humans. Thank you so very much.

Lots of love,

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Andrea’s episode of “The Odd Couple” airs on April 2. Check her out as Olivia in the episode ‘The Wedding Deception’.

Andrea is featured as Miss March in the “2015 Support Your Local Actress” Calendar. You can purchase the calendar online by clicking here. She also attended the launch party for the calendar and I’ve added photos to the gallery.

December 10 – Support Your Local Actress Calendar Launch

Andrea’s episode of CSI will now air on Sunday, November 16. Check Andrea out as Rory in episode 15.6 – The Twin Paradox.

WHO: Andrea Bogart
WHAT: Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Rise Movement in West Hollywood
WHERE have I seen her before? She played Abby Haver on General Hospital for 111 episodes before being killed off in a construction accident.

WHY:“I was a professional dancer before I started acting,” says Bogart. “My body was always craving stretching and flexibility and the discipline of a workout routine. And in between auditions I found my world was revolving around catching a class, so I thought why not become an instructor?” Inspired by the number of great studios and teachers throughout LA, Bogart took classes with everyone from Vinnie Marino and Jeanne Heileman at YogaWorks, Dalton Grant at Modo Yoga, Andrea Marcum at U Studio Yoga and Matthew Reyes at Yoga Hop before becoming a certified in 2012. Bogart now teaches her own blend of mindful Vinyasa Flow group and private classes six days a week…unless she scores a part on a hot TV show. (Source)