Andrea’s episode of CSI will now air on Sunday, November 16. Check Andrea out as Rory in episode 15.6 – The Twin Paradox.

WHO: Andrea Bogart
WHAT: Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Rise Movement in West Hollywood
WHERE have I seen her before? She played Abby Haver on General Hospital for 111 episodes before being killed off in a construction accident.

WHY:“I was a professional dancer before I started acting,” says Bogart. “My body was always craving stretching and flexibility and the discipline of a workout routine. And in between auditions I found my world was revolving around catching a class, so I thought why not become an instructor?” Inspired by the number of great studios and teachers throughout LA, Bogart took classes with everyone from Vinnie Marino and Jeanne Heileman at YogaWorks, Dalton Grant at Modo Yoga, Andrea Marcum at U Studio Yoga and Matthew Reyes at Yoga Hop before becoming a certified in 2012. Bogart now teaches her own blend of mindful Vinyasa Flow group and private classes six days a week…unless she scores a part on a hot TV show. (Source)

Andrea’s episode of Stalker is airing on October 22nd on CBS. Check Andrea out as Laura in episode 1.04 – Phobia.

Andrea’s appearance as Rory on CSI episode 15.6 will air on October 29th on CBS. Set your DVRs!

Andrea has booked a guest appearance on The Odd Couple, the re-make of the classic show. Andrea will be playing Olivia, a love interest for Matthew Perry’s Oscar Madison. No word yet on the air date of her episode!

Andrea’s booked another guest appearance! She’ll be appearing as “Blonde Woman” on CBS’ CSI opposite Eric Szmanda & Elizabeth Shue. No word yet on the air date for her episode.

Andrea has booked a guest appearance on CBS’ new show, Stalker. She’ll portray Laura Fleming opposite actress Maggie Q. No word yet on the air date for her episode.

Apologies for the delay in announcing this, but Andrea appears in the film “Sister” which has been making the rounds in film festivals. Andrea portrays Reid Scott’s ex girlfriend, Tracy, in one scene opposite Barbara Hershey.

An immature, aspiring actor hopes to escape his dysfunctional family, but after a tragic car accident forces him to take custody of his overly-medicated, violent, and impulsive, younger sister he struggles with even the most basic responsibilities. Slowly, the two build a life with structure and unconditional love, but just when they hit their stride, someone from their past threatens to take her away. As the two fight to preserve what they”ve become, they finally begin to see the true meaning of family. (Source)

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