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CSI: 15.6 – The Twin Paradox

Apologies for the delay in announcing this, but Andrea appears in the film “Sister” which has been making the rounds in film festivals. Andrea portrays Reid Scott’s ex girlfriend, Tracy, in one scene opposite Barbara Hershey.

An immature, aspiring actor hopes to escape his dysfunctional family, but after a tragic car accident forces him to take custody of his overly-medicated, violent, and impulsive, younger sister he struggles with even the most basic responsibilities. Slowly, the two build a life with structure and unconditional love, but just when they hit their stride, someone from their past threatens to take her away. As the two fight to preserve what they”ve become, they finally begin to see the true meaning of family. (Source)

Also, as you may notice we have new themes up both on the main site and the gallery.

I hope everyone was able to catch Andrea on Suburgatory as Holly! If you missed it I have a clip of her appearance as well as HD screencaps.

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Suburgatory: 3.03 – Open Door Policy

I was watching TV the other night, and who popped up on my screen? You guessed it, Andrea’s appearing in a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts Coolattas! :)

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Dunkin’ Donuts Commercial