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General Hospital: August 9

At the end of the day Andrea, what does Abby truly want for her life?

ANDREA: I think she is looking at this right now as like an “eager beaver”. She has this opportunity that has fallen into her lap and we are like the packaged deal at ELQ. Abby is the go-getter and she wants to prove that, “I deserve to be here.” So I feel I am pulling out all the stops trying to work as hard as I can… to earn my mark! (Laughs) She just wants her life to be better than what it was and she is on a certain path. She is really committed to making a better life for herself and she really wants Michael to come with her.

Read the full interview here.

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9 new photos from a new photoshoot with Andrea have been added to the gallery.

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Session 13

Four new scans from recent SOD issues (not the most current) have been added to the gallery!

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Appearance Additions

Andrea’s got the feature interview for the “GH” section of the current ABC Soaps In Depth in a feature called “Dear Abby”. The issue is August 22, 2011. Scans will be added after the issue is off the stands, but there’s a preview of the first page of the interview below and the text below it is from the ABC Soaps In Depth newsletter. Pick it up on news stands or digitally at now!

GH’s Andrea Bogart really needs to make one thing perfectly clear — she’s not a stripper, she just plays one on television. When she got the role of Abby, the character’s first encounter with her now love interest, Michael, was questionable, at best. Abby was, in fact, going to “deflower” him, all as a quickie favor to her friend, Sam.

As a result, perception was that, yes, she was a hooker with a heart of gold. “I definitely had my fears about that,” Bogart tells Soaps In Depth. “As an actress and as a human being, I had to let go of that people-pleasing need. Who doesn’t love to be loved and liked? You have to know that you’re not always going to be accepted and put on a pedestal. In this instance, yeah, I was a little hesitant.”

Get the scoop on Abby’s future with Michael and if dancing for dollars is really in her character’s past, all in the new ABC issue of Soaps In Depth on newsstands now (August 22, 2011 issue)!

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General Hospital: August 3