I was watching TV the other night, and who popped up on my screen? You guessed it, Andrea’s appearing in a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts Coolattas! :)

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Dunkin’ Donuts Commercial

Andrea has a starring role in a new film looking for funding over at IndieGoGo as America. The film will be made only if they can get enough funding in the next 26 days. In exchange for making a donation, you can get different perks (depending on the amount). Please head over to their IndieGoGo page for more information on the film and what they need the money for.

“Beautiful Monsters” is a dark psychological thriller that plays with the concepts of identity, duality and perfection. Divided into two parallel storylines, it tells the tale of a perfectionist father who feeds deep-rooted rivalry between his twin sons (Christian, a glorified celebrity and Eddie, a meek and repressed student), until one has an accident deforming half of his face, triggering him to spiral out of control; …and America’s story, Hollywood’s hottest superstar who suddenly becomes the target of the scarred low-life (one of the twins), unraveling a tale of revenge and brotherly-love. The project would shoot this summer/fall in Los Angeles, for about 35 days.

Blu-ray quality screencaps of Andrea in her small role in the film “Side Effects” are now in the gallery.

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Side Effects: Screencaps

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February 24 – Oscars Viewing Party

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NCIS: On Set – 4 New Images